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Blog Opioids Public Health

House Opioid Bills are Right on Schedule

Earlier this month, I announced that House committees would craft legislation to fight the opioid epidemic in April so we could vote in May—and I’m happy to announce we’re right on track.

Blog Accountability Reform Transparency

The IRS: Corrupt and Incompetent

This isn’t a debate about right or left. This is about having good government or bad government. Astoundingly, the President has chosen bad government, defending the inept and dishonest IRS over…

Blog Accountability Freedom Reform Veterans

The VA Has the Power to Change. It Still Hasn’t

What is keeping veterans from getting improved care they deserve? Bureaucratic inertia.

Blog 21st Century Government Innovation

The Innovation Initiative Ventures Forward

We embarked on a mission to bring government into the 21st century, making Washington face today’s problems with new ideas to help the American people. Next week, we continue our progress.

Blog ISIL ISIS Terrorism

America Speaks with One Voice: Genocide is Happening

I am pleased that Secretary Kerry stood with the House today, unequivocally stating that ISIS is committing genocide.