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What’s Happening to the Middle Class?

The poll echoes the sentiment Americans are feeling throughout our districts and across the country: the Obama economy is squeezing the middle class and the President’s failed agenda is crushing…



I am proud of what we have accomplished so far and look forward to the good work we will continue to do. We should continue our work to create a 21st century government and economy with optimism…

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House E&C Committee Takes Important Step for 21st Century Cures

After nearly a full year of research, listening, writing, and rewriting, the Energy and Commerce Committee has hit a new milestone for an important reform and innovation bill in Congress this year.

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President Obama Again Chooses Vetoes Over Working with Congress

President Obama has now issued nearly 25 veto threats since the beginning of the new year. The American people don’t want vetoes. They want Washington to work. But it can only work if the President…

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A Budget for the 21st Century

For the first time in six years, both Houses of Congresses have produced budgets and come to a bicameral budget agreement. That means Washington finally has a plan of action to balance the budget and…