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Shame on Them

Shame on Senate Democrats for blocking this legislation as well as other legislation to put a moratorium on Planned Parenthood funding.


American Energy Exports Helps Our Allies

As America has become the largest combined gas and oil producer in the world, opening up our oil to the global marketplace will not only help our economy, it will also help release our allies from…

Blog Life

Democrats Supported Protecting Newborns Before. They Should Do It Again

The big question is, will Democrats reaffirm the votes their party took just a few years ago and defend the weakest among us, or will they ignore the newborn children fighting for their lives and…

Blog Freedom

We The People

It is the Constitution’s enduring strength that binds Americans from coast to coast together as one nation. Today we celebrate the 228th anniversary of our nation’s founding document by honoring…

Blog American Leadership Iran Russia

Another Weak Response from the Obama Administration Makes Syria Situation Worse

The President’s weak response to Syria has allowed the conflict to continue in the way it has. Without American leadership, Russia has decided it is willing to step in, even if that means more…