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Blog Iran National Security

What’s the Point of Even Having an Arms Embargo?

Under the agreement the embargo against arms would be lifted in five years and against ballistic missiles—the kind that can carry nuclear warhead—in eight years. But it looks like even these…

Blog Iran

4 More Reasons the Iran Deal is a Bad Deal

America and our allies need something better than this, because an economically strengthened and nuclear Iran is unacceptable.

Blog Regulatory Reform

6 Reasons the EPA Power Plant Rule is Bad for America

Because the Obama Administration couldn’t get what it wanted the right way through Congress and with the approval of the American people, it’s now trying to impose its radical regulations by…

Blog Iran

We Don’t Have to Choose Between War and a Bad Deal

With American leadership, the sanctions regime can be re-imposed, meaning we have more options than war or a bad deal.

Blog Accountability Veterans

President Obama Isn’t Fighting for Veterans, He’s Fighting for the VA Employees Who Failed Our Veterans

It seems President Obama cares more about protecting jobs for those who failed our veterans instead of making sure our veterans get the care they deserve.