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Leader's Blog

Poll: No Increased “Appetite for Impeachment”

Despite the House Democrats’ most recent shenanigans, the American people have no new “appetite for impeachment.”

A new Morning Consult/Politico poll conducted over the weekend shows that…

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American public “largely unswayed” by Dems’ desperate efforts

Need more evidence that House Democrats are wasting their majority away?

Even the Democrats’ own polling shows that the American people are “more aware of Democratic investigations than the…

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10 Photos from Israel

Kevin McCarthy at the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem

The American people and both parties in Congress have always stood with Israel, and now…that’s more important than ever. It was my great honor to lead dozens of Representatives—Republican and…

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By the Numbers: Democrats Will Reverse America’s Economic Wins

House Republicans have led the way to lower taxes and smarter regulations so that businesses can grow, hire, and raise wages. As a result, the American economy is BOOMING.

Here are some numbers of…

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10 Photos From June

Kevin McCarthy and Martha Roby

It’s hard to imagine fitting more into a single month. D-Day with veterans. Trade talks with heads of state. Baseball with the Vice President. Take a look at the top ten photos from the month, and…