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Leader's Blog

McCarthy in CNN: Saying ‘it’s working’ enough times doesn’t make it true

CNN | May 1, 2014

President Barack Obama needs to learn a simple lesson: Saying something doesn’t make it true.

Though the President has claimed victory touting 8 million “enrollments” under his…

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‘Barely Discernible’ GDP Growth in First Quarter

For three straight days in Washington it’s been raining, and for three straight days the weather has echoed how Democratic policies have fared in the press and public opinion polls. Economic…

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Americans Want Republican Congress as Obamacare Continues to Fail

Despite its front-end facelift, is still missing massive, critical pieces on the back end of the site. Though the site finally seems to be functioning smoothly, it is merely a pretty…

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Another Pair of Obamacare Failings

Another day, another pair of Obamacare failings.

First, the Administration announced yet another Obamacare delay Thursday. It’s becoming cliché.

President Obama has extended enrollment on…

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More Foot Dragging On Obamacare

A key characteristic of the Obama administration is foot dragging. Unable to work under its own time constraints, “delay” has been the president’s favored form of “action.” Case in point,…