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House has answers to Sec. Moniz’s pipeline concerns


There are a couple points to give special attention to in Scott Waldman’s piece on his interview with U.S. Energy Secretary Moniz. Interestingly, the House has solutions to a few of the…

Leader's Blog

Whip McCarthy Joins Fox News to Discuss Where Congress and White House Can Work Together

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Leader's Blog

Whip McCarthy Goes “On the Record” Before the State of the Union

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Something to keep in mind for tomorrow night…

All –

It is expected that the President will use the State of the Union tomorrow night to make a strong defense of Obamacare. What the President probably won’t mention is the astounding number…

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Dem Support for Tweaks to Obamacare Peaks


·         Like it or not, President Obama could soon be signing into law the eighth change to the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, since the health care overhaul was…