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Left and Right Agree: The President’s Immigration Action is About the Constitution

This is not a battle between Democrats and Republicans. This is about resisting an assault on democratic government and protecting the constitutional separation of powers. That is something everyone…

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Administration Double Counts Obamacare Enrollees to Reach Enrollment Goal

The Obama Administration reportedly counted as many as 400,000 stand-alone dental plans in their September enrollment statistics, inflating the number of enrollees over the seven million benchmark…

Blog Transparency

Gruber Comments Show Government Councils Need Transparency

Gruber’s comments demonstrate just how those in Washington use big government and complicated processes to game the system in favor of imposing what they want and what they assume the American people…


The House and Senate Will Work Together to Move America Forward

“I made a promise when I took the leadership job a few months ago and we will keep that. The House Republicans will have the wisdom to listen, but the courage to lead.”


Let’s Hire More of Our Heroic Veterans

The Hire More Heroes Act, introduced by Representative Rodney Davis (IL-13), makes sure no employers are penalized for hiring a veteran and that no veteran is left jobless because of Obamacare’s…