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Hill Dems Prefer ‘Broke Down’ Over ‘Super Broke Down’ Message

Following the President’s demand for massive tax hikes yesterday, Hill Dems are dusting off the cobwebs on some old bills in hopes of making it through July. The point: Congressional Democrats are…

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Some Dems Keep President Obama Far, Far Away

As we wait for the Supreme Court’s decision on ObamaCare, Congressional Democrats are highlighting their “freedom of action” (whatever that means) from President Obama’s failed…

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#NotATax ?

The Supreme Court’s ruling clears one thing up … The White House has regularly misled Americans by denying that ObamaCare is a tax:

President Obama: “It’s Absolutely Not A Tax Increase”…

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Question… Did things change from a few days ago? The President seems to think so:

President Tells 13 Million Unemployed Americans The Private Sector Is Doing Fine… “The private sector is…

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E-Mails Reveal Extent of Obama’s Deal With Industry on Health Care

Just making sure this hasn’t gotten lost in all the coverage of the President’s assessment that private sector is “doing fine.” ….


E-Mails Reveal Extent of Obama’s Deal With…