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Cliff Jumpers, Cliff Deniers & The President

Washington Democrats do not seem to have a cohesive strategy to tackle the ‘fiscal cliff.’ A large segment of Congressional Democrats want to take the country over the cliff, and another bloc of…


CBO Scores Senate Dem Fiscal Cliff Strategy

All –

Wanted to make sure you saw the Congressional Budget Office score for the Patty Murray/Senate Democrat fiscal cliff strategy that was released this morning…

CBO Warns Of Deep Recession If…


86 Dems

In 2010, the President and 139 Congressional Democrats supported efforts to stop the largest tax hike on American families and small businesses from going into effect – arguing you don’t raise…



#ObamaCareCaptionContest – “It only took 15 minutes to pass ObamaCare, but…”

Today, House Republicans will vote to repealObamaCare.

Throughout the day, House Republicans will be posting to…


#FAIL: WH/Campaign Team Lobbying Effort On Tax Hike Failed

SHOT — POLITICO: “Timothy Geithner, David Axelrod Soothe Hill Democrats” … An under-the-radar White House lobbying campaign began to take shape on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, as senior…