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Press Releases Tax Reform

House to Vote on Unified Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

The House will vote on this bill on Tuesday, and after that our country will stand on stronger footing so we can continue to lead for generations to come.

Press Releases Innovation National Security

Modernizing Government Makes Us Safe

Modernizing Government Makes Us Safe

President Trump signs bill that establishes an IT modernization fund at executive branch agencies to upgrade their technology systems.

Press Releases Defense

President Trump Signs Defense Bill. Let’s Finish the Job

President Trump’s signature on this bill is a big step to making America safe.

Press Releases Tax Reform

Majorities Support Key Provisions in Tax Plan

Majorities Support Key Provisions in Tax Plan

I want every American to check their check come February to see that their take-home pay is greater than it was before.

Press Releases Israel Tax Reform

Leader McCarthy Talks Tax Cuts, Embassy Move to Jerusalem

Tax Cuts Will Fuel Economy for Decades

At the end of the day we’re going to get this to the President’s desk and he’s going to sign it.