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Press Releases

Press Releases

McCarthy, Hoyer to Co-Host 3rd Congressional Hackathon

Third Congressional Hackathon

Many of the ideas that were developed during the two prior Congressional Hackathons have since been adopted by Congress.

Press Releases Tax Reform

Leader McCarthy on Face the Nation: Tax Plan Will Make America Competitive Again

Face the Nation

McCarthy appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation to discuss the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Press Releases Insurance

House Votes to Extend Children’s Health Insurance Program

House Votes to Extend CHIP Funding

House Republicans will not be deterred from responsibly funding children’s health care.

Press Releases Tax Reform

Leader McCarthy on FOX: Tax Cuts Put Money in Your Pocket

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

You decide where your money should be spent, not government.

Press Releases Tax Reform Taxes

Cutting Taxes to Put America First

Kevin McCarthy Speaks on Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

This is about tax cuts, this is about America first, and this is about the future.