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Press Releases Veterans

Securing the Next Wave of Tech Talent: Veterans

This expansion of the GI bill’s education benefits gives American veterans and their families more time and flexibility to pursue education options for the career that is right for them.

Press Releases Innovation Veterans

Sunday TODAY Spotlights Congress-Passed VET TEC Act 

The VET TEC Act enables veterans to enroll in non-traditional technology courses and programs that are geared to getting a technology job after completion.

Press Releases Health Care Veterans

Getting Veterans the Care They Need Where They Need It

It shouldn’t matter where veterans get care as long as they get the care they need.

Press Releases Appropriations Defense National Security Terrorism Veterans

Making America Secure

Every single dime the President requested to start building a wall on our southern border, he’s going to get.

Press Releases Small Business

A Bill to Treat Small Businesses Fairly

In America, we don’t punish a person for someone else’s actions.