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Press Releases Accountability Economy Regulatory Reform

CHOICE Restores a Fair and Growing Economy

If a rising tide lifts all boats, we need to make sure every American is in the boat.

Press Releases 21st Century Government

Leader McCarthy: Congress Hits New Productivity Highs

To date, the Republican-led House has passed 158 bills, making it the most productive in the modern-era.

Press Releases Economy Jobs Obamacare Opportunity Regulatory Reform

Leader McCarthy on the Air: “It’s Always Been About Jobs”

I always bank on America. If we have a level playing field, we will win.

Press Releases

Every Citizen Has the Right to Peaceably Assemble

Free speech and assembly will not yield to thuggery.

Press Releases Innovation Veterans

Leader McCarthy Applauds Revamped VA Health Records System

For the men and women who have given everything in service to their country, it is time we provide them top-of-the-line care and accessibility.