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Press Releases

Press Releases Opportunity Reform

Leader McCarthy Announces House Vote on CHOICE Act

Growing our economy starts with growing our communities, and for generations local banks have led the way in community investment.

Press Releases Climate Economy energy

McCarthy on Withdrawal from Paris Climate Deal

President Trump made the right call in leaving a deal that would have put an unnecessary burden on the United States.

Press Releases

Closer to a World Without Trafficking

Every single instance of human trafficking cries out against the moral truth written on every human heart.

Press Releases Health Care Reform

Leader McCarthy on the Updated CBO Score for the AHCA

The CBO reports yet again that our plan will keep a promise Obamacare broke—premiums will go down.

Press Releases

Leader McCarthy’s CNN Op-Ed: We Can End Human Trafficking

Victims must be helped, traffickers must be punished, law enforcement must be trained to detect and uncover it, and as a nation we must work to prevent it. That’s why the House stepped in.