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Press Releases Health Care Reform

Today We Will Act to Repeal and Replace Obamacare

We were not sent here to wait. We are called to action.

Press Releases

Let’s End Religious Discrimination

This will ill help to end unfair discrimination against Americans by the federal government without taking any rights or protections away from anyone.

Press Releases Appropriations

Leader McCarthy on Passage of the Government Funding Bill

After years of tying military spending levels to domestic spending levels, we have finally broken free of this false restraint.

Press Releases

Flexibility for Working Families

People need to be able to take time off without completely disrupting their lives or losing out on that much-needed paycheck.

Press Releases Appropriations

Leader McCarthy on the Government Funding Legislation

A government shows its priorities by what it spends on, and our priority is and will always be to defend Americans at home and abroad.