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Press Releases Regulatory Reform Tax Reform

Leader McCarthy on Hugh Hewitt: Regulatory Reform Will Unleash Economic Growth

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy appeared on the Hugh Hewitt Show this morning to discuss the work the House is doing on regulatory reform to help move our economy forward.

Press Releases california Water

Leader McCarthy, California Delegation Send Letter on Flows During Current Storms

With storms blanketing the northern regions of our state, regulators have the authority to increase pumping to the dry central and southern regions of California.

Press Releases Innovation

Leader McCarthy Speaks on His TALENT Act

By drawing on the great talent of the American people, we can make government effective, efficient, and accountable.

Press Releases Innovation Reform

House Passes Array of Innovation Initiative Bills

Government should always support innovation, not suppress it. America is strongest when we rely on the immense creative talents of our people.

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Leader McCarthy on Squawk Box: Regulatory and Tax Reform Will Move Our Economy Forward

I think if you look at regulations and you look at tax reform we really can move this economy in a different direction.