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Press Releases energy Innovation

Energy Innovation Keeps America on Top

The House’s Innovation Initiative is embracing our energy future with two bills to increase research into solar fuels and improved electricity storage.

Press Releases

Leader McCarthy Statement on FAA Extension

Congress will continue its work on a long-term reauthorization with more reforms to modernize the FAA and ensure our aviation system is safe.

Press Releases Constitutionalism

Leader McCarthy in Washington Examiner: Restoring the Courts’ Proper Role in Dealing with Federal Agencies

Our forebears recognized that putting the powers to enforce the law and adjudicate the law into just one person or one body is an open invitation to tyranny.

Press Releases Defense

Let’s Enact a Defense Authorization and Support Our Troops

The House’s National Defense Authorization Act reaffirms support for our allies, increases pay for our troops, and improves access to high quality medical care for our military personnel.

Press Releases Opioids Public Health

Sign the Opioid Bill Into Law to Save Lives

As the opioid crisis continues to tear apart communities and break up families, we need the Senate to pass this bill and the President to sign it as soon as possible.