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Press Releases

Press Releases Innovation

Innovation Initiative: Keeping The Internet Free of Regulation

The Innovation Initiative is all about giving the American people the freedom to grow and prosper. With this the Internet stays a little freer.

Press Releases National Security Terrorism

Building New Software to Stop Terrorist Travel

With this legislation, fewer would-be attackers will slip through the cracks, and the world will be that much safer.

Press Releases Opioids Public Health

We Will Pass Bills to Fight the Opioid Epidemic

“I’m very confident that by the end of this month we’ll have the legislation solved, be able to pass it, and move it on the floor in May.”

Press Releases Innovation Public Health

Congress Incentivizes Innovators to Respond to Zika

By adding Zika to this program, we encourage innovators to develop an effective treatment for this latest public health crisis.

Press Releases Reform

The House Has a Solution to the Puerto Rico Debt Crisis

By allowing an oversight board to work with the Puerto Rican government, they can begin to tackle their debt while also instituting economic reforms and making government operate more efficiently.