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Press Releases Keystone

A New Direction for the House

We want to solve problems regardless of how difficult they may seem. We want to bring creative thinking and solutions and a process that lets every voice be heard in Congress.

Press Releases

Leader McCarthy on the President’s Decision to Send Troops into Syria

Putting small numbers of troops in Syria is yet another tactical move in the absence of a comprehensive strategy for Iraq, Syria, and the broader Middle East that does nothing more than create the…

Press Releases Debt Obamacare

Leader McCarthy Statement on Budget Deal

Today the House acted to protect our economy and American jobs, while preserving our hard-fought accomplishments toward reducing our debt.

Press Releases

Leader McCarthy: Paul Ryan is the Leader We Need

Paul’s mission in life has always been about the greater good—to better the lives of every person, and not just the select few. The challenges we face as a nation call for leaders with the skill…

Press Releases Economy Freedom Reform

McCarthy Speaks in Opposition to the Ex-Im Bank

When government gets involved, trying to centralize power and money in itself, corruption is inevitable. The Ex-Im bank is a perfect example of this.