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Press Releases Iran

Congress Will Not Accept a Bad Deal

Nothing in the deal announced today eliminates Iran’s ability to eventually become a nuclear threshold power. It just delays the day and rewards the Iranians with billions in sanctions relief until…

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House GOP Leaders on Resignation of OPM Director

The resignation of the OPM director does not in any way absolve the president of the responsibility to repair this damage to our national security.

Press Releases

House-Passed CURES Brings Hope to Everyone Affected by Disease

21st Century Cures is one of the most important bills we are considering this Congress because it can actually save lives. This bill preserves America’s place at the forefront of medical innovation…

Press Releases california Water

Closer to Water

This bill offers an alternative to the status quo by clearing up the roadblocks and inefficiencies in complex and often contradictory federal laws, regulations, and lawsuits that block water…

Press Releases california

To Fight Fires, Start with Prevention

With healthy forests, California, and every state that faces forest fires, will be able to breathe breath a little easier.