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Press Releases Trade

House Sends Trade Bill to Senate

Today’s vote takes us one step closer to a freer global economy that will help America grow, boost American jobs, and increase America’s ability to influence the world.

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Trade is Good for the Entire Economy

One in every five jobs in America depends on exports and imports and we have to expand that to make sure we can get into these markets because when American can compete, we win.

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Intelligence Authorization Bill Keeps America Safe

This Intelligence authorization bill is necessary to respond to cyber attacks and terrorism. And here in the House, we voted again to put national defense above politics.

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Iran Should Release American Prisoners Immediately

As long as Iran imprisons innocent Americans, it is hard to imagine conducting good-faith negotiations over Iran’s nuclear pursuits.

Press Releases Trade

Leader McCarthy Statement on Trade Promotion Authority

“I am proud that the House took action to expand American economic growth and opportunity. However, I am truly disappointed with House Democrats’ actions for preventing this critical bipartisan…