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Press Releases Iran

House Bill Confronts Hezbollah

The United States cannot turn a blind eye to terrorism or Iran’s continued support for terrorist organizations like Hezbollah.

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Congress Must Have a Say on Iran Deal

It is both ridiculous and insulting that the President wants to bind our country to an agreement without even consulting the people’s elected representatives, especially since so many are concerned…

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Leader McCarthy Honors Public Safety Personnel

To commemorate National Police Week, the House passed four bills this week to honor fallen officers, speed the apprehension of violent criminals who have wounded or killed an officer, ensure benefits…

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The House Finds the Right Balance Between Security & Privacy

The USA FREEDOM Act stops bulk data collection while still making sure those fighting terrorism have access to what they need so they can do their job and prevent future terror attacks. That’s what…

Press Releases Life

Every Child in Our Society Has a Place

Every single child—born and unborn, the healthy and those with disabilities—should have a place in our society. I believe they are wanted, they are loved, and they make this world better.