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Press Releases

Press Releases

Small Businesses Need Certainty

The last thing a small business needs is uncertainty from their government. So today is the day not to debate. Today is the day to invest in America’s small business.

Press Releases

House is Fighting for the Incentive to End Hunger

I believe in this country. I believe in mankind. I believe in the goodness in all of us. It’s not about party. It’s about helping one another. We are fighting for the incentive to end hunger…

Press Releases Veterans

House’s Bipartisan Veteran Suicide Prevention Bill Signed Into Law

I am very pleased that the Clay Hunt SAV Act has been sent to the President’s desk and signed into law. Our nation must do everything it can to help provide veterans access to mental health…

Press Releases

McCarthy: No One Wins In Port Shutdown

Leader McCarthy today joined a bipartisan group of lawmakers to call for an end to current labor dispute that is slowing and even shutting down West Coast ports.

Press Releases energy Keystone

The House Sends Keystone to the President’s Desk

The people want Keystone, and today the House is sending a bipartisan bill that approves Keystone to the President’s desk. President Obama can’t hide behind delays and reviews anymore. It’s…