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Let the People See What the EPA is Trying to Hide

Today, the House passed the Secret Science Reform Act because we want the transparency that this Administration promised. Our country needs more accountability from its government, which can start by…

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Transparency Isn’t Optional, It’s Necessary for the EPA

True science demands clarity and impartiality. The EPA’s Science Advisory Board lacks both, and that needs to change

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House Republican Budget Puts America on a Better Path

Majority Leader McCarthy spoke at a Republican leadership press conference today, highlighting the House’s pro-growth budget proposal.

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After House Pressure, Administration Abandons Plan to Limit Second Amendment Rights

The Obama Administration’s latest attempt to constrain the Second Amendment has succumbed to concerns and opposition from the American people and their elected Representatives in Congress.

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Leader McCarthy Statement on the Retirement of Chairman Candice Miller

I have had the honor of serving right alongside Candice during major policy debates when she was a part of my whip team and now again at the Chairman’s table, and her knowledge and counsel have…