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Press Releases Education School Choice

Republican Leaders Recognize National School Choice Week

School choice is about giving kids the opportunity to get ahead by letting families choose the best school for their children.

Press Releases Human Trafficking

A Dozen Bipartisan Anti-Human Trafficking Bills Are Heading to the Senate

Human trafficking affects hundreds of thousands of the most vulnerable in the world. Here in America, 17,000 people are trafficked into the country every year. It is truly a modern day form of…

Press Releases energy Human Trafficking

House Will Pass More Bipartisan Legislation on Human Trafficking and Energy

We have two very big issues before us in Congress. Human trafficking affects so many of the vulnerable throughout the world. We have twelve bills—bipartisan, Republicans and Democrats—to…

Press Releases

No More Tax Dollars for Abortions

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke on the House floor today in favor of ending taxpayer funding of abortions and in support of a culture that values every human life.

Press Releases energy Regulatory Reform

The President Should Set His Sights Higher than the Veto Pen

With bipartisan legislation like this, the President should set his sights higher than the veto pen.