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Press Releases

Press Releases

McCarthy: No One Wins In Port Shutdown

Leader McCarthy today joined a bipartisan group of lawmakers to call for an end to current labor dispute that is slowing and even shutting down West Coast ports.

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The House Sends Keystone to the President’s Desk

The people want Keystone, and today the House is sending a bipartisan bill that approves Keystone to the President’s desk. President Obama can’t hide behind delays and reviews anymore. It’s…

Press Releases

Selma Civil Rights Leaders Held America to its Promise

The House gathered today in honor of those civil rights activists who suffered violence while standing for peace. We honor them for holding our nation to the highest ideals, ensuring the true…

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The President Shouldn’t Veto Bipartisanship

I don’t think the President should veto energy security throughout North America. I don’t think the President should veto charitable giving across the country. I do not think the President…

Press Releases Defense ISIL

Leader McCarthy on the President’s Proposed AUMF to Combat ISIL

The Speaker and I told the President we’d consider his request. I am prepared to support an AUMF that provides new legal authorities to go after ISIL and other terrorist groups. However, I will…