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Press Releases

Press Releases

The President Needs to Show He Can Work With Congress

I still believe that President Obama can work with Congress if he wants to. But that means abandoning economic policies that aim to divide rather than promote growth, opportunity, and job creation.

Press Releases

What is the President’s Strategy to Combat Terrorism?

Although the Obama Administration sought to declare the war on terrorism over, the terrorists have only increased their assaults against free and moderate societies who do not share their extremist…

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McCarthy Statement on House Resolution in Support of France

We stand with France in our commitment to keep our countries secure and defend the fundamental principles of our democratic societies.

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McCarthy Statement on Iran

Both the Obama Administration’s concessionary approach to nuclear negotiations with Iran and its lack of an effective strategy to confront Iran’s continuing aggression and support for terrorism…

Press Releases Regulatory Reform

House Passes Another Bipartisan Jobs Bill

Excess regulations hurt jobs and put added costs on our economy. The number of regulations that have piled up over the past six years are compounding and holding back Main Street businesses.