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Press Releases Life Protecting Life

Leader McCarthy on the Democrats’ Repeal of Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance Policy

“Simply put, this bill is a disaster for America’s reputation as a defender of freedom and human rights in the world.”

Press Releases Accountability American Leadership border security wall

Leader McCarthy on the Unserious Proposal to Open Government and Secure Our Border

“House Democrats are shortchanging border security and prolonging the shutdown in order to score political points against the President. “

Press Releases Accountability American Leadership

With Government Shut Down, Democrats Vote To Go Home

“Not three hours into the new Congress, every single Democrat voted against a resolution that would have ensured the House stayed in session until the government is funded and re-opened.”

Press Releases American Leadership border border security wall

Leader McCarthy Discusses Government Shutdown and Border Security

“Think about what the Democrats have voted on numerous times before. They have voted for a wall and fencing on a number of occasions even at a higher number.”

Press Releases American Leadership Freedom Transparency

Leader McCarthy Welcomes the 116th Congress

“But while we seek cooperation, there is one core principle upon which we will not compromise. Republicans will always choose personal freedom over government control.”