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This morning, Speaker Pelosi and Rep. Jamie Raskin announced they are working to create an unelected, unaccountable commission to deal with a non-existent problem related to presidential succession. At a time when it should be all hands on deck, Democrats are choosing to waste the American people’s time on another political stunt.

Today’s antics are a reminder that the Speaker’s priorities are about consolidating power, not helping people. Since March, she has been the common denominator in blocking vital emergency relief from workers, families, and small businesses, including this week from airline workers. This is leadership malpractice, and she should be embarrassed. She does not deserve to be Speaker of the House.

Speaker Pelosi promised that the House “can’t go home” until another coronavirus relief package was complete. We now know that was untrue. She sent members of Congress home without a deal in hand.

The American people deserve results, not rhetoric. Instead of spending precious time on unserious pet projects like Mr. Raskin’s commission, the House should use the next 25 days to lock in pro-growth tax cuts for the middle class, maximize American innovation, and rebuild our supply chain resiliency.

Because the Speaker is unprepared to act, Republicans will.

In the very same hour that Democrats announced their latest political stunt, House Republicans introduced a legislative package that invests in our economic future by putting small businesses and their employees first: the Commitment to American GROWTH Act.

Our legislation would do more than “build back better,” it would lay the foundation for future prosperity like we’ve never seen before. We are focusing on what really matters: defeating the virus and rebuilding the greatest economy of our generation.

That is why last month House Republicans stood up to make our Commitment to America, and that is exactly what the GROWTH Act will deliver. I commend Kevin Brady for his work in drafting this important piece of legislation.

This morning was a study in contrasts between Democrats’ distractions and Republicans’ actions, but it wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last.

House Republicans will always place the needs of hardworking citizens before all else. That was the agenda we laid last month and it is how we will continue to lead. But Speaker Pelosi has shown she is incapable of making the needs of American people a priority.

The People’s House deserves new leadership. Our Commitment to America provides it.