The economy was roaring not long ago. We were building, we were working, and we were prosperous. It’s time to do it again. Republican policies will return our nation to the best economy in history.

Jobs and the Economy

Across every demographic, Americans were enjoying the greatest economy in a generation. Life was good. Then the pandemic hit and Americans faced unprecedented hardship. Our plan is focused on lifting up the American worker – starting with forgivable small business loans. This program, which we call our Marshall Plan for Main Street, has already saved 51 million jobs and can still save more. Democrats’ continued refusal to pass more relief will only take our economy backwards. Our small businesses are the backbone to our communities, which is why we will also prioritize small business creation in America’s distressed communities.

We will get Americans working and add 10 million new good-paying jobs by:

Supporting millions of local businesses and their workers with $200 billion in forgivable loans through the Paycheck Protection Program

Red Check Mark Extending the $2,000 child tax credit for families and Opportunity Zone credits that generate $10 billion each year in distressed communities

Red Check Mark Continuing proven pro-growth tax policies that increase take-home pay and encourage innovation

Ending Dependence on China

The Chinese Communist Party is singularly focused on replacing the United States as the economic leader of the world. And they plan to use growing economic influence to undermine democratic values—going so far as even infiltrating American institutions like colleges and universities. America’s strategy on China will shape the next century. Democrats refuse to acknowledge the threat China poses – willing to stand by as they monopolize our supply chains, steal our innovations, and expand their influence around the world. This spring, Republicans launched the China Task Force to develop a comprehensive response to China’s actions—including using permanent full expensing and enhanced incentives for research, development, and production to support the reshoring of critical supply chains.

We will end our dependence on China and enhance our economic security by:

Red Check Mark Implementing the China Task Force recommendations to move our supply chain for medicine, protective medical equipment, and technology out of China, increase U.S. manufacturing, and reach more free and fair trade deals


Many of America’s roads, bridges, and tunnels are in disrepair. Beyond the wear and tear to our cars – which is costly — it keeps us in traffic longer and away from what matters most: our families. It’s time to stop talking about the issue and start solving it. And when families are home, every household should have access to high-speed internet. With remote learning and work from home protocols around the country, too many are being left behind. We must pull every American forward.

We will upgrade and modernize America’s infrastructure by:

Red Check Mark Bringing high-speed internet to every household in the United States, launching a five-year plan to fix our roads, bridges, and airports, while cutting the permitting process time in half

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