The American Dream is your dream. It’s a process, not just a destination. And it starts with education and continues to build with opportunity, jobs, and the best economy in the world.


A quality education is indispensable to achieving your dreams. As the land of opportunity, we should make sure students can get the education from the school that is best for them. Unlocking the potential of the next generation will leave our country stronger. Of course, not every high performing school can handle unlimited students, which means we must pull poor-performing schools forward to serve every child a quality education. Our greatest responsibility is to leave the next generation a better opportunity for success than we had. That starts with education.

We will make sure that every child in every neighborhood can attend an excellent school by:

Red Check Mark Allowing students to go to the school that parents believe is best for them

Red Check Mark Investing millions in high-quality science, technology, engineering, and math education

Honor Our Veterans

There is no greater service than to country. And with that service comes a promise from our government that healthcare, education, and few other benefits will provide them the essentials to pursue their next chapter in life. For that promise to be upheld it has to work for each veteran individually. That means we tailor VA benefits around the veteran, not around a system. Each person enters the service with their own story, it is incumbent that unique story doesn’t stop when they return home.

We will honor our veterans’ service to America and hire our heroes by:

Red Check Mark Fully funding the VA Choice healthcare program that trusts veterans to choose their own doctor, while expanding GI education benefits so every veteran who wants a job can find one

Career Advancement 

The American worker has faced unsettling changes in the workplace. Now more than ever we must commit to offering every American worker the opportunity to learn new skills and thrive in industries that were out of reach before, and to support those who go to work outside traditional employment in the gig economy.

We will support our citizens’ success, now and in the future, by:­

Red Check Mark Promoting opportunities for career and technical education, workforce development, and lifelong learning so more Americans can earn a promotion or pursue a meaningful new career

Red Check Mark Reaching bipartisan consensus to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare and reduce our debt

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