America is facing a challenge unlike any we have before with the coronavirus. We did not ask for it. We did not invite it. But we will defeat it. And we will restore our way of life.

Defeat the Virus and Keep America Healthy

The Trump administration has taken unprecedented action to give patients access to expanding therapies to treat coronavirus and develop a vaccine. To find the virus and stop its spread we must see it. 94 percent of commercial lab tests are completed within 3 days or less and 98 percent are completed within 5 days. To defeat it we need a vaccine. Three vaccine candidates are in Phase 3 of development and eight total have received $10 billion from the federal government. We cannot slow the progress of America’s ingenuity or allow our science to be politicized. We also commit to fixing other broken aspects in the delivery of health care with similar zeal.  Finally, America needs to break China’s medical supply monopoly and rebuild ours. We will modernize the strategic national stockpile and bring drug manufacturing back to the U.S.

We will defeat the virus and keep America healthy by:

Red Check Mark Tripling rapid COVID testing and developing a vaccine that is safe, effective, and available this year

Red Check Mark Investing in therapeutics and cures, slashing drug prices, and ending surprise medical billing

Red Check Mark Protecting individuals with pre-existing conditions and expanding access to affordable telemedicine, mental health services, and opioid treatment

Red Check Mark Strengthen and modernize our medical stockpile to prepare for future pandemics

Safe Communities and Neighborhoods

It is the job of government to protect life, liberty, and property. Unfortunately, Democrat-controlled cities and states have ceded this important responsibility, diminishing freedom and progress for their citizens. Worse, they have stood in the way of any action to help our police officers serve and protect our communities. Democrats blocked Senator Tim Scott’s JUSTICE Act, which prioritized performance, transparency, and accountability. Republicans emphatically reject the dangerous push to defund the police, which would only lead to more violent rioting and looting. In addition to keeping our citizens safe at home, we will ensure our men and women in uniform are funded and supported as the protect our country around the world.

We will ensure the safety and security of all communities by:

Red Check Mark Opposing efforts to defund the police while increasing funding by $1.75 billion for better police training, community policing, and equipment, including 500,000 more body cameras

Red Check Mark Continuing to rebuild our military, support our troops, secure our border, and enforce our immigration laws

Protect our Freedoms

The American commitment to individual liberty made our society the freest, most inclusive, and most productive in human history. Our freedom is a precious gift, but it is never more than one generation away from extinction. Trends today indicate an erosion of these rights. Free speech is being challenged by big tech companies that give preference to one point of view but suppress another. A culture of violence against unborn children has been adopted in state legislatures. And in certain states, religious activities and the free practice of faith have faced seemingly greater restrictions than other First Amendment rights. Republicans will always fight for the freedoms in our Constitution.

We will preserve our freedoms under the Constitution by:

Red Check Mark Upholding free speech, protecting religious liberty, defending the unborn, and safeguarding the Second Amendment

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