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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) appeared on Fox News to preview this weekend’s meeting with President Trump at Camp David and the congressional agenda for 2018.

Excerpts below, or watch online here.

On completing America’s comeback:

“What we’ll talk about at Camp David, we’re going to look at, one, we started America’s comeback with this tax reform. And think about just that short time that’s passed, you have more than 40 companies that have now given you the tax bonus, that have given bonuses for Christmas…. Now we want to complete that job: infrastructure, dealing with opioids, making sure the security of America is safe, rebuilding our military. Those are the things we’re looking at and walking through with the Senate and the House on the agenda for 2018.”

On the need to secure the border and fix chain migration in any immigration deal:

“I hope the Democrats come to the table because I hope the Democrats they change from where there were at the end of the year. Nancy Pelosi was trying to shut the government down. The issue when it comes to DACA is not due until March, but I think there is a plan moving forward. Securing the border, dealing with chain migration— I think there is a common ground that both sides can get to…. The President laid it out very clearly. If you want to deal with DACA, you have got to have the border security so we don’t have to deal with this issue again, and chain migration. Look what happened in New York a month ago. How did that individual come to America? It was through chain migration. I think when we deal with those issues we can deal with those three issues and have an agreement on all sides.”

On how the American people will judge us on our success:

“The military just got one of the biggest pay raises they’ve had in eight years…. I wonder why we’re not writing about the fastest time we’ve ever raised another 1,000 points when it comes to the DOW, how many 401(k)s have just been increased, how the paychecks are going to increase this next year…. If we keep doing our job, I think at the end of the day people will see through it.”