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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke at a leadership press conference today using data to demonstrate how the House is working for the American people.

McCarthy’s remarks are below, or watch online here.

“Good morning. As we finish up the first seven months of this new American Congress, the statistics are in. This Congress is more accountable, more open, more productive, and more effective.

“If you look from the accountability—that work that’s done in committee—the 30 year average is 7.4 percent of the bills get out of committee. This Congress is at 10.1 [percent]. When you look at openness, the average is roughly [300] amendments on the floor. We are more than 200 above that representing an openness of a voice on both sides of the aisle. Productivity—this is from the bills passed—we are at 190 bills already through on this Congress. The average is 125. Effectiveness—this is the second most effective Republican majority Congress in modern history—where we have gone through more than 29 bills enacted to become law. We have a long way to go, but this is a first start that we’ll continue to grow upon.…. 

“You know, when the country was created, we had three co-equal branches. They’re not co-equal today.  So the REINS Act brings the voice of the public back in. It simply says that if the agency tries to legislate or create a major ruling, … if it costs more than $100 million dollars to the American public, then that it has a voice in Congress and in the Senate—that it has a check and a balance.

“The VA—this Congress it has been a priority to change in the VA. Unfortunately, even though when we got a new secretary, those that need to depart to make sure we get the right people on the bus have not gone through. So we have the VA Accountability Act to move this week as well.

“We know we do not want to have a shortfall when it comes to highways. You’ll see that we posted today that we will vote on a three-month extension to October 29th—be fully funded to then, so we can work out our disagreements in the process. Within that bill, we will also deal with a shortfall in the VA when it comes to funding, Hire More Heroes, and also when it comes [Representative] Sam Johnson’s bills dealing with HAS for veterans.

“We will get our work done, and we’ll continue to make this country more prosperous.”