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Congressman Bruce Westerman (AR-04) delivered this week’s Republican Address on how Democrat policies are hurting America’s energy industry at the benefit of adversaries like China. While Democrats’ social spending bill aims to further reduce America’s energy independence and increase costs, Republicans are promoting innovations and solutions to reduce costs and increase abundance.

“We should be focusing on energy that is reliable, low-cost, and clean. We’ve got to put American innovation into play so that countries around the world copy our technology,” Congressman Westerman says.

“Right now, while [Democrats] are pushing terrible policies that would do harm to America, countries like China are building more coal-fired plants. Last year, China built 38 gigawatts of coal power plants. That’s one large coal plant every week. They’re building these plants so they can have the electricity to do the manufacturing to make the stuff to ship to America. We’ve got this backwards.”