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Congressman Guy Reschenthaler (PA-14) delivered this week’s Republican Address on how rising consumer prices across the country are affecting the day to day lives of Americans and their families.

On his podcast, Get Going With Guy, Congressman Reschenthaler says, “As we celebrate this Memorial Day weekend, you might notice the goods that go into creating a great holiday weekend – gasoline, groceries, and just about any other consumer good – cost more than usual. We have none other than President Biden to thank for these price increases. Even with inflation skyrocketing, Biden continues to spend trillions of dollars, and it’s affecting everyday Americans’ wallets.”

Since you may be packing up for the long weekend and driving to finally see some friends and family, we are delivering this week’s address on Get Going with Guy, so you can easily consume and enjoy. Listen to the full episode here on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.