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House Republicans are committed to ensuring Big Tech is held responsible for their bias against conservatives, and their anti-competitive practices.

That’s why House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy and Ranking Members Jim Jordan and Cathy Rodgers laid out a framework to do just this, by calling for:

  • Accountability
  • Transparency, and
  • Strengthening Anti-Trust Review

Meanwhile, House Democrats have made it clear they are less than interested in addressing the censorship of conservatives. And, they want to give the Federal Trade Commission, a group of unelected federal bureaucrats who are as ideologically homogeneous as Big Tech, more authority.

Republicans know that holding institutions such as the FTC accountable is crucial in the fight for free speech, and a free economy.

Last week, Leader McCarthy and several members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce offered critical questions and comments to the FTC on Big Tech, some of which were submitted to be considered during the Open Commission Meeting on July 1st.

“Given recently proposed legislation that would provide you, the FTC, with more power,” McCarthy said, “Can you explain how you would use that power and current authorities to stop Big Tech censorship and bias against conservatives?” 

Highlights of the members’ questions and comments can be found here.

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