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This week the Speaker announced she is bringing members back for an “emergency” weekend session to deal with a so-called crisis at the United States Postal Service. But the facts prove House Democrats are manipulating information and giving validity to a conspiracy theory.

Ruth Y. Goldway, a Democrat and former commissioner of the U.S. Postal Regulatory Commission who was appointed by Bill Clinton, recently wrote that our postal service is “perfectly capable of handling election mail.” She added: “I served as a regulator of the Postal Service for nearly 18 years under three presidents and I urge everyone to be calm. Don’t fall prey to the alarmists on both sides of this debate. The Postal Service is not incapacitated. It is still fully capable of delivering the mail.”

Instead of listening to the experts and analyzing facts, the Speaker opted to slander the Postmaster General by using baseless accusations and attacking his character. The current Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy was elected unanimously by the USPS Board of Governors as Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer on May 6, 2020. Mr. DeJoy was previously the Chief Executive Officer of a logistics company that supported Postal Service operations and private-sector companies. He is eminently qualified to take on the long-term issues with the Postal Service.

Contrary to Democrats’ claims, the Postal Service is also properly funded for the election and beyond. It is not being “sabotaged.” Under the USPS’ own analysis, the USPS is financially solvent through at least August 2021. The Postal Service currently has $14 billion cash on hand and, under the CARES Act passed earlier this year, has the option of receiving an additional $10 billion loan from the Treasury Department.

The Postal Service also has the capacity to process and deliver absentee ballots, even an increased volume. According to its most recent annual report, the Postal Service delivers 471 million pieces of mail on an average day. Approximately 158 million people are registered to vote and, while it is likely more will vote by absentee ballot this fall, many will still vote in person. Even the New York Times noted: “Experts agree that the Postal Service has the raw capacity to absorb additional ballots, even if 150 million people decided to vote by mail…”

Shamefully, Democrats also fueled conspiracy theories about mailboxes being moved en masse, a lie spread by Joe Biden. The Postal Service regularly removes mailboxes for lack of use and relocates them in “growth areas.” In fact, from 2011 – 2016, the Obama-Biden administration removed roughly 14,000 mailboxes according to the USPS Inspector General.

Nonetheless, to remove any doubt, the Postal Service has agreed to not remove any mailboxes until after the 2020 election. On Tuesday, Postmaster General DeJoy reaffirmed that “mail processing equipment and blue collection boxes will remain where they are” until after the election.

Despite this, Democrats will perpetuate their stunt. The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board captured the essence of their antics: “Mrs. Pelosi is trying to put on a political show, starring Democrats as the saviors of the post office… This is a made-for-TV phony political crisis. The USPS has long-term challenges, but enough money to last into 2021… How long before Rep. Adam Schiff says it’s another Russia-Donald Trump conspiracy to steal the election?”

Late last month Speaker Pelosi said “we can’t go home” until a coronavirus relief deal is complete. We now know that ended up being untrue. She let every member leave for recess without passing urgent relief.

Instead of wasting the American people’s time with their latest distraction, our newly scheduled session should address replenishing the Paycheck Protection Program, passing liability protections for our schools, small businesses, and nonprofits, and protecting our vaccine research.

Regrettably, this has been a trademark of the Democrats’ entire failed majority: attacking this administration while neglecting the needs of our constituents. They spent more time investigating the President and carrying out the most partisan impeachment in U.S. history than they did in improving the lives of people. That is leadership malpractice and they should be embarrassed.

At a time when it should be all-hands-on-deck, House Democrats this week decided to extend their shadow voting scheme by granting themselves permission to vote from home through October 2. It will be interesting to see how many of their members will even bother to show up for the “emergency” session.

If Speaker Pelosi is not prepared to lead, we will.