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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) appeared on Fox News to discuss how Senate Democrats have a chance to live up to their words and pass defense funding and the House Intelligence Committee voting unanimously to release Democratic memo on FISA.

Excerpts of the interview are below, or watch online here.

On the House taking action to fund the military for the rest of the year:

“In the House, we will move today a funding bill today bill for those six weeks, but we will take the funding for defense and carry that all the way out to the rest of the year…. We’ll send that to the Senate, because remember what [Senator] Schumer said during his last Schumer shutdown. He said he did not want to hold the military hostage. This gives us the ability to fund the military completely while we figure out the rest of the agreement for everything else.”

On the latest immigration negotiations:

“What the President laid out is really a very good compromise. You know Dana how this place works. It’s supposed to be based on compromise. We must have border security…he’s willing to take care of DACA….and we make sure we protect the nuclear family when it comes to chain migration. And then look at a merit-based system. Just four simple items that I think are commonsense to be able to solve the problem. It seems as though the Democrats haven’t come the rest of the way…. I think the President has been very honest and fair in this process. I think the Democrats are going to have to give a little and then we can solve the problem.”

On key differences between the Republican and Democratic FISA memos:

“Look, I’m a very big supporter of the FBI…. There are some excellent individuals who work there. The problem is a couple key individuals that have used their own personal beliefs that go against the Constitution and the 4th Amendment…. What you found in this process is we took our document to the FBI and let them look at it and say is there anything you want to redact out of this? Unfortunately, the Democrats all voted no for bringing that forward. When the Democrats brought their memo up, all of the Republicans voted yes—they voted yes for both because we believe in transparency. The Democrats never taken their document to the FBI. What they did is they shifted it down to the President.”