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House Republicans believe in mandatory medical care for every baby born alive.

It is troubling this needs to be said. But the Democrat Party today is supporting denying life-saving care after a baby is born.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has argued that if a botched abortion leads to a live birth, the infant would, and perhaps should, be left to die so long as that was “desired.” Northam, a former doctor, said “the infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, and then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”

Simply put, this is infanticide. It shows a callous indifference for the first principles of our nation: the right to life and fundamental human equality derived from our creation in God’s image. No matter how rare, even one instance amounts to the selective killing of a baby.

Democrats have used euphemisms to hide their extreme position. Or, as Speaker Nancy Pelosi demonstrated when asked about Northam’s comments, they ignore the conversation is even taking place.

But the barbarity of their most recent proposals cannot be obscured by even the blandest rhetoric or half-hearted attempts to disguise their original statements.

Northam’s comments are part of a wider push by Democrats to pass their abortion-on-demand agenda. In states across the country, state Democrat lawmakers are championing barbarous new laws that could allow for the murder – and denial of medical intervention is just that – of a baby who survives an abortion. In New York, they repealed existing protections that require doctors to render immediate care for any birth that results from an abortion.

Without laws requiring mandatory medical care, there are few, if any, meaningful protections for newborns.

In the face of this horrifying potential, Congress should pass the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which passed the House last Congress with 241 votes and has been reintroduced this Congress by Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-Missouri).

Republicans in Congress have asked to move this legislation forward every single day the House has been in session since February 6th, and Democrats have blocked the vote each time.

Protecting innocent life should not be a partisan issue and it should not be difficult.

We are simply asking that doctors exercise the same level of diligent care to a baby born after surviving an abortion as they would any other baby.

We will continue to ask the House for unanimous consent until the Democrats join us in recognizing that the right to life is the foundation of freedom itself. As Ronald Reagan rightfully observed, it is the “right without which no other rights have meaning.”

If Democrats truly care about protecting the lives of our most vulnerable citizens, they should come together with Republicans in a bipartisan fashion to pass the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act without delay.

When life is at stake, we cannot become comfortably numb to its inherent dignity. As lawmakers, we must remember what Pope Francis — highly regarded among many religions — described as our sacred duty: to protect “the image and likeness fashioned by God on every human face.”