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Washington D.C. – At his weekly press conference, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) delivered the following remarks on the disappointing move by House Democrats to attach partisan poison pills to an otherwise bipartisan drug pricing package. Leader McCarthy also touched on Wednesday’s House Judiciary Committee in which Democrat witnesses testified that the subpoena Democrats issued to Attorney General William Barr would have required him to violate the law in order to comply.

Highlights are below, or watch the whole press conference here.

On Democrats Adding “Poison Pills” to Health Care Bills:

“Last month, we saw something in one of our committees that should be celebrated. Members of the Energy and Commerce Committee voted on three healthcare bills that received unanimous support.

“Every member – both Republican and Democrat – agreed on legislation that would remove barriers to generic drugs entering the market and would improve the quality of delivery of prescription drugs.

“Those same provisions are up for a vote today and up until yesterday, it would have been a very positive moment of bipartisanship in this House.

“But something changed. Sadly, the Democrat majority added partisan “poison pills” to try to bailout pieces of the Affordable Care Act. […] in this provision that they added, the CBO says 1.5 million Americans will lose their preferred health care plan under the Democrats’ proposal. It really says something about whether you’re serious about solving a problem or not.

“That is not what the American people are looking for – that’s what they’re fighting to change.”

On the House Judiciary Committee Hearing:

“[…] I want to point you to a hearing in Judiciary where Kelly Armstrong asked a Democrat witness during the hearing if AG Barr would have broken the law if he complied with Chairman Nadler’s subpoena. You know what the answer was from the Democrat witness? Yes… Again, here we go with Chairman Nadler trying to ask the attorney general a simple question: will you uphold the rule of law or will you be held in contempt? I think it’s a little telling why this is not on the floor this week — because if it comes to the floor, I think it would not only be an embarrassment for Democrats but an embarrassment to this House.”