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“To win in California — to take a Democratic seat and make it Republican — that has not happened since 1998…. and it wasn’t even close. [Mike Garcia’s win marks] the only seat in Congress that a Republican holds that Hillary Clinton carried by a majority.

“Democrats are misreading the American public. They think that this virus is an opportunity to restructure government, and I think everyone else is looking at it as something much different — trying to defeat this virus and get our economy back open.

[The HEROES Act] is $3 trillion and never went through a committee. But what’s worse about it is, it mentions ‘cannabis’ more than it ever mentions ‘job.’

“And the foundation of that bill are all things the Democrats had passed about a year ago: changing election laws… prioritizing prisoners, what they’re doing with illegal immigrants… They think this is an opportunity to enforce their Socialism.

“What we’re finding is… [Democrats] are living in a blue bubble, but they’re viewing it as an opportunity to try to make that blue bubble across the nation, and that is what people are fighting back on.

“Listen to what Nancy Pelosi said when we wanted to bring forth a committee on China. I worked for more than a year to have it bipartisan, no politics about it… focused on what China is doing around the world… [Democrats] initially agreed, but in February [they] backed away.

“Now she calls what I put together — a task force [on China] — a ‘diversion.’ This is not a diversion, this is something we need to stand up to.”