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House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined Fox News’ Fox & Friends this morning to discuss how Democrats would rather vote to legalize cannabis than provide COVID-19 relief to hardworking Americans. Leader McCarthy also condemned the hypocrisy shown by prominent Democrats who believe they are above the rules they have forced on their constituents.

On the need to bring COVID relief to the floor:

“With all the challenges America has right now, [Republicans] think COVID relief should be on the floor, but instead, the Democrats put cats and cannabis [forward] this week. They are going to outlaw tigers, and then they are going to legalize cannabis.

“They’re picking weed over the workers. They’re picking marijuana over [providing] the much-needed money we need to go forward…

“There’s $138 billion that’s already appropriated that is sitting there for small businesses, but Pelosi won’t let that go forward. There’s more than $100 billion that’s already been appropriated that would go to states [to] help them with their schools and unemployment, [among] other [things].

“We can do this in a systematic way to help those who need it without adding more money because we already have the money, [but] Democrats won’t allow it to be spent…

On Democrats’ Hypocrisy: 

“Democrats’ double standards are despicable. If every restaurant in California would just change their name to The French Laundry, I guess it would be okay. Because you have… the Mayor of San Francisco, she was at The French Laundry, the Governor, he was at The French Laundry with no masks sitting next to the medical lobbyists.

“It’s okay if you’re one of these elite Democrats that dictate what [others] can do in [their] life, but not [adhere to it themselves]…

“We’ve seen this in socialist countries, [where] elitists disregard what the workers need. What about those children who can’t be in school [even though] we can have resources to protect them, to help those who are unemployed, to help small businesses?

“I was a small business owner. I know what it’s like to have a dream, but to have government crush you in every aspect? That’s just despicable.”