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Washington, D.C. – House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke at a press conference today about the Democrats’ priorities during the House’s first week in session of 2020: Stalling on their self-described “urgent” impeachment, and blaming America for Iran’s escalation.

Highlights are below, or watch online here.

On Impeachment: 
“When you sit and read and listen to lawmakers in Speaker Pelosi’s own party, they have no idea what she is doing. Senator Feinstein… the hometown senator for Nancy Pelosi – she said, ‘The longer it goes on, the less urgent it becomes. So if it’s serious and urgent, send them over. If it is not, don’t send it over.’

“I’m not sure if she’s just embarrassed of the work that’s being done, or if she lied to us about it being urgent.”

On Iran:
“…Yesterday the president confirmed he was focused on de-escalation and defending the American people. 

“Instead of working with the administration to make America stronger, Democrats are working against us to make us weaker. 

“Make no mistake, today’s War Powers Resolution cannot become law. By definition, it will never be sent to the president, and it will never limit his constitutional authority to defend the American people.

“This is a meaningless vote that only sends the wrong message: that the House Democrats would rather stand with their socialist base than stand against Iran.