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“I want to take a moment to acknowledge and bring attention to the gut wrenching scenes we have seen coming out of Surfside, Florida since the building first collapsed [a week ago today].

“We mourn the loss of the 18 lives who have perished, including two children – just 4 and 10 years old whose bodies were found yesterday. We continue to keep the families of the 145 individuals who are still waiting to hear updates about their loved ones in our prayers.

“I also want to thank all the first responders. I want to thank Israel for sending over their team as well. I know they’re working around the clock… and I know it’s difficult. I want them to know that we appreciate it…

On the unanimous consenst request to fund Israel’s Iron Dome:

“Just moments ago I made a unanimous consent request on the House floor to fund Israel’s critical Iron Dome defense system… 

“The Israeli government requested resources from the United States to help them replenish the weapon system’s supplies and equipment, which is vital to protecting the Jewish State from terrorist attacks…

“I made the request alongside Whip Scalise, and Ranking Members Granger, McCaul, and Rogers.

“Considering Israel is our strongest ally in the Middle East, this measure should have received unanimous consent.

“House Democrats had an opportunity to show a sharp contrast from the anti-Semitic rhetoric and actions taken by some of their own members, but they didn’t. Their caucus rejected this proposal and turned their backs on Israel instead. 

On the Republican Task Forces:

“Democrats [aren’t just] turning their backs on our ally, they are also turning their backs on America.

“In just a few short months we’ve watched [them create a crisis] at the border [and refuse] to hold China accountable.

“Did we have any hearings this week in regards to the 600,000 Americans who’ve been killed by Covid, [or] where it came from?

“[Because of] the Biden administration and Democrat policies we are facing multiple crises in our country.

“We need solutions. That is why this week I announced the official launch of seven-issue specific task forces that will focus on identifying policies that will improve the lives of all families in America.

“The task force chairs and members assigned to each task force will work together within their respective issue areas to develop policies that can help us improve the [lives of the American people]…

Task forces and Member leads [are]:

  • Jobs and the Economy – Patrick McHenry
  • Big Tech Censorship and Data – Cathy Rogers
  • Future of American Freedoms – Jim Jordan
  • Energy, Climate, and Conservation – Garret Graves
  • American Security – John Katko
  • Healthy Future – Devin Nunes and Brett Guthrie
  • China Accountability – Michael McCaul

“Under their leadership, these task forces will work over the next couple of months to build on our Commitment to America agenda we released last year…

“Our Republican conference will have answers and solutions, and we’ll lay them out [clearly] to the American public…

In just 6 months of the Biden administration, [we have]:

  • The Highest gas prices in 7 years
  • Inflation [growing] at the fastest rate since 2008
  • [An] alarming crime spike

“I think the American public wants more. They want to hold people accountable, they want a border that’s secure and an economy that will grow. They want inflation under control and [gas prices] they can afford as well. 

“No one thought that, in this short amount of time, [Democrats] would put America in this great of a crisis.

“We watched the Middle East erupt. And today, [Democrats] had an opportunity to send [defensive support] to our greatest ally, the only democracy in the Middle East, and they couldn’t even agree on that.”

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