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“Madam Speaker — Democrats are neglecting the real issues.

“Month after month, they have refused to end our dependence on China — or even acknowledge that the Chinese Communist Party is a national security threat.

“In January, Democrats were too busy impeaching the President to pay attention to what was happening in Wuhan.

“In February, they backed out of what should have been a bipartisan China Task Force.

“In May, Speaker Pelosi said focusing on China is a ‘diversion.’

“In June, Chairman Smith said on this very floor about China: ‘it’s not actually their job to tell the American people’ about the coronavirus.

“In July, Chairman Schiff said it was ‘escalation’ for the Trump Administration to close down a Chinese consulate that was, according to the Secretary of State, a ‘hub of spying and IP theft.’

“And today, while Democrats deny the real threat of Communist China, they are delaying a coronavirus relief package because they despise the President.

“My question to Democrats is simple: Is debating a non-binding resolution the best use of an hour?

“What makes today’s resolution so harmful is that it does not stop discrimination — it simply spreads disinformation.

“At the heart of this resolution is the absurd notion that referring to the virus as the ‘Wuhan Virus’ or the ‘China Virus’ is the same as contributing to violence against Asian-Americans.

“In fact, the Democrat-led Foreign Affairs Committee held a hearing titled ‘the Wuhan Coronavirus’ in February.

“Are Democrats saying their own committee members are encouraging discrimination against Asian-Americans?

“Likewise, CNN, the Washington Post, NPR, the Guardian, and other major media outlets were referring to Covid-19 as the ‘Wuhan Coronavirus,’ long before most Americans knew what it was.

“By contrast, Republicans condemn crime and discrimination in all forms.

“Listen to what the President said in March: ‘Spreading the virus is NOT their fault in any way, shape, or form.’

“The President’s words express what every good and decent American has known from the beginning: Asian-Americans are not responsible for Covid-19.

“Unfortunately, while Democrats waste an hour of the House’s time on this ridiculous resolution, the opportunity costs of their inaction are rising — and the American people are paying the price.

“For months, every reasonable American has understood that America must end our dependence on China. 

“We must move our supply chain out of China for critical needs like medicine, personal protective equipment, and technology.

“The American people want safety and security. They want to return to their normal lives.

“Unfortunately, the Chinese Communist Party is trying to hack our vaccine research at this very moment.

“That is why I introduced legislation earlier this summer to sanction these cyber criminals. My bill has real consequences.

“We could pass it today, but Democrats already voted against it.

“Sadly, this is not an isolated incident.

“They won’t work with Republicans to protect our vaccine research from hackers, but they’ll attack the very companies that are working around the clock to provide a safe and effective vaccine for the American people.

“They won’t work with Republicans to restore American manufacturing or rebuild America’s medical supply chain, but they’ll call the House back into session to debate conspiracy theories about the Postal Service.

“They won’t even work with Republicans on what was supposed to be a bipartisan China Task Force, but they’ll waste an hour on a non-binding resolution.

“Is this how you expected to manage the chamber?

“Is this why you took the majority?

“To waste the American people’s time?

“Madam Speaker — It’s time for us to stop acting like the House of Resolutions, and start acting like the House of Representatives.

“Make no mistake, China aims to displace America as the world’s economic superpower. If they succeed, we will have more than viruses to worry about.

“The stakes are too high for petty partisanship.

“If we want safety, if we want independence, we know what we have to do.

“We have to rebuild our economy, bring back our supply chains, protect our vaccine research, and yes, end our dependence on China.

“President Trump is doing that.

“House Republicans’ Commitment to America is doing that.

“The question is, will House Democrats finally join us?

“I yield back.”

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