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Over the last week, Congressional Democrats coalesced around a strategy with a singular goal: grind Congress to a halt.

First, Senate Democrats threatened to shut down the government if Congress didn’t agree to increase taxes to fund new spending. Then, in a stunning show of internal division, House Democrats led by Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi turned against their own President to stop bipartisan trade legislation last Friday. One Democrat said he was “surprised” to see Pelosi torpedo legislation that “was really her bill.”

It seems the Democrats have given up on accomplishing anything positive, so now they’re just trying to keep Congress from working.

Sounds like Congressional Democrats are in desperate need of a motivational speaker.

Week after week, Republicans have been leading in Congress with a responsible governing agenda. We’ve worked to tackle some of the biggest issues facing America, and have already accomplished major goals:

While Democrats are busy obstructing the appropriations process and destructing bipartisan, pro-growth trade bills, House Republicans are building a responsible governing agenda. When the Democrats clean up their act, they can join us in our work to create a stronger America.