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It has been 37 days since House Republicans passed a serious long-term spending plan that will cut spending and help grow our economy. Instead of joining the House in those efforts, Senate Democrats have still failed to step up and pass a fiscally responsible spending bill. And today, Democrats are sticking to those big-spending ways in their attempt to protect their “vision of a more activist government.”

Democrats Have Attempted To “Soften” Any Spending Cuts By Protecting Discretionary Funds. “Beyond the top-line question, Republicans are resisting White House efforts to soften the appropriations cuts by substituting savings from mandatory benefit or subsidy programs. The latest administration draft plan depends heavily on such options to meet its target, thereby protecting more discretionary funds — not just this year but in the future.” (David Rogers, “Fiscal Cloud Still Hangs Over Congress,” Politico, 3/27/11)

The Democrats’ Cuts Will Make It “Easier For Obama And Democrats” To “Hold Onto Their Vision Of A More Activist Government.” “This is important because the CBO will discount any mandatory savings in the final deal when it recalculates its discretionary baseline for the future. That makes it easier for Obama and Democrats to rebound — and hold onto their vision of a more activist government.” (David Rogers, “Fiscal Cloud Still Hangs Over Congress,” Politico, 3/27/11)