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President Biden and House Democrats’ radical policies have caused inflation to soar to a 40-year high. They’ve pushed out-of-touch policies that have caused energy prices to rise and real wages to go down.

The result: 64% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Working class Americans need policies that help them grow their paychecks, not shrink them.

In today’s press conference, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) made it clear that the House of Representatives, under a Republican majority, would serve as a check against the reckless inflationary spending by the Biden administration and he committed House Republicans to an agenda that puts America first.

Remarks as prepared are below, or you can watch here.

“In a few hours the Democrat-led House is set to recess for 45 days – just one day after we entered a recession.

“Before they leave let’s acknowledge:

“They have no plan to help Americans who are paying the highest prices in 40 years.

“They have no plan to stop workers from losing an entire month’s salary because of inflation.

“They have no plan to bring down the high gas prices that are still costing families more than $4 a gallon and hundreds more a year in spending.

“They have no plan to secure our border or reduce crime.

“Democrats have no plan to help Americans, but their policies make it worse.

“Our country cannot continue down this path. The American people cannot continue to bear the brunt of Democrats’ failed policies.

“Republicans understand the anxiety American families feel every day.

“This is why we have committed our attention to creating a real plan to get our country back on track.

“Over the past several months our task forces have released over over 100 different policy proposals.

“If the American people trust Republicans with a majority, we are ready to deliver on day one.

“House Republicans have a clear vision for the country we are fighting for.

“An Economy that’s Strong.

“A Nation that’s Safe.

“A Future that’s Free.

“A Government that’s Accountable.

“After so much suffering caused by Democrat policies, Americans need renewed hope for the future.

“And that is what a Republican majority will work every day to provide.”

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